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          copper range hoods  

          Copper Range Hoods

          Furnishing a kitchen with Rustica copper range hood, vent hood or stove hood is the best idea. Why? Our range hoods made of hammered copper come with many designs and patina options. Copper Hoods are offered for sale in wall mount, under cabinet and central island versions. Hammered copper vent hoods are part of our rustic home product category. Some of the hoods are in stock for discount wholesale prices and others need to be manufactured. They are a great deal and handmade of metal treated with various copper patina colors.

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          Any copper hood design is for sale 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72" wide or custom made requirements. We strongly recommend contracting a licensed tradesman for your copper range hood and fan insert installation. The best practice assuring your brand new kitchen appliance looks good and lasts for a long time, it is following Rustica range hood installation instructions while having a professional to do the job.

          Rustica Range Hoods

          Each island and wall mount range hood page provides buyer unique opportunity to choose size and external style. It can be personalized further according to the buyer's requirements or made from the scratch as optimized individual home improvement project. We offer our custom copper hoods for a stove as natural venting or with a power pack factory per-installed. Our ventilation systems are made of a simple linear with two speed 200CFM fan, light and a removable filler. Optionally, buy a hammered copper hood prepared for your own exhaust equipment of choice. In such case you need to select design for my own insert option and provide its brand and model number in Note window. You will find it on a hood detail page at the bottom of the menu. As a manufacturer of copper hoods we carry substantial discount and our products are cheap. Often various designs including framhouse and country are on sale. See a video about copper range hood installation alternative procedure and tips about how how to clean copper hoods.

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